When I am not in front of my laptop doing some software related stuff, I do sometimes find the energy to do things with my own hands... I've enjoyed to hack eletronics since I am 12 or something like that. At 14 I had a scope in my room. I also started to hack my Amstrad CPC-6128 back then. Beginning to write code, first in BASIC, then in Z-80 assembly code.

I've never made something really serious in electronics, mostly repairing stuff, built my own Nelson Pass hifi power amplifier, but I finally made my life hacking computers. The discovery of the FOSS movement changed me, and is now an essential part of my life.

More recently, I began to play with more substential hardware. Starting with a very small chinese milling machine (a Vario BF16) and a cheap inverter welding machine, I began to learn (mostly by myself) some elements of machining.

Then I had the opportunity to acquire and install (thanks to my sister offering me a part of a newly acquired grange to welcome a couple of more serious machines) a few machinist toys I am, very slowly, reconditionning.

I'd like to try to write kind-of journal of my experiments with my "grown-up toys", being electronics or machinist related. And maybe some other subjects as well, who knows?


My name is David Douard, I live in Paris, France, and work as a software developer for the Software Heritage project.

You may contact me on: