jeu. 15 février 2018

EIP 545B RF Frequency Counter - Part 4

This part is about my attempt to modify the firmware to "fix" the problem of weird intial setup: a -160MHz offset and a resolution set to 5 digits.

In the previous part, we figured some probable spots in the firware where these default setup configurations might be set.

EPROM checksums ...

ven. 26 janvier 2018

EIP 545B RF Frequency Counter - Part 3

Default settings

One of the annoying thing with this 'SPECIAL' edition of the firmware are the default settings:

  • Frequency Offset -160MHz
  • Resolution 5 digits

One of my goals while disassembling the formware was to 'fix' these defaults settings. I was wondering wether they where located in an undocumented part of ...

sam. 20 janvier 2018

EIP 545B RF Frequency Counter - Part 2

I've started a discussion on the eevblog forum to gather a bit help for my project. And I did well since a few fellows did help me a lot on some aspects.

I have now been able to run the power meter at full resolution (even if it's ...

mer. 20 décembre 2017

EIP 545B RF Frequency Counter

I recently purchased a broken EIP 545B microwave frequency counter on ebay. It was very inexpensive (around 150€ delivered), but obviously, non working.

The EIP 545B RF Counter

The device was described as "does not power up", an is clearly not in very good condition. Quite dirty, battered, with the band 2 BNC connector ruined ...