sam. 19 mars 2016

Building a bench 10MHz reference: part 2

This is a quick follow-up of the first part of this series.

I've received a few parts from digikey, including a couple of 22µH Sumida CLS62 inductors (I bought two of them in case I f**k up one of them trying to solder it with my Weller WS50 iron …

sam. 12 mars 2016

Quick overview of the HP5334A Universal Counter

The HP5334A is a decent universal counter. It has a two 100MHz channels. Some models come with an optional third channel (1.3GHz), an optinal DVM, and an optional oven controlled oscillator. Unfortunately, my meter has no option at all.

My HP5334A Universal Counter

There is a nice quick instruction set printed on the …

jeu. 10 mars 2016

Building a bench 10MHz reference: part 1

Many electronics test equipment need an accurate time base. Most often, it's build on a 10MHz base.

For quite a while now, I have a used rubidium frequency and time reference (Efratom Model LPRO-101) waiting for a nice enclosure. I also have a small Extron Electronics video signal amplifier I …